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Jul 21 ’10

Gaelyk Sitemesh integration tutorial

Here my recipe


  1. Create a Gaelyk progect with maven archetype as shown here 
  2. Get Sitemesh sources and patch them for GAE as shown here
  3. Deploy the artifact to your Maven repo and add the dependecy to the application pom
  4. Add the Sitemesh filter to web.xml. If you are using RoutesFilter add Sitemesh filter BEFORE RoutesFilter
  5. Create a decorators.xml and place it in the WEB-INF forlder [example]
  6. Create a main.jsp (or others according to your decorators.xml) in a decorators folder. THIS MUST BE A jsp NOT a gtpl [example]

And you are done!

Without MAVEN

Just skip steps 1 and 3 and place the patched Sitemesh jar in the lib folder of your application.

I have done this on my first hour on Gaelyk… this means something to me of about this framework’s coolness

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